Speech Pathology at Achieve Therapy

Our qualified Speech Pathologists use a person-centred approach to assess and treat the following areas:

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 Speaking and Listening including:

  • f4f4f4 star Spoken Language: Grammar (proper sentences) and vocabulary
  • f4f4f4 star Comprehension: Following instructions and understanding questions
  • f4f4f4 star Stuttering: This affects the smooth flow of speech
  • f4f4f4 star Speech (pronunciation):  This is saying the sounds in words so that you can be understood
  • f4f4f4 star Voice: This includes ability to control the volume, pitch, or pace of your voice

DL - kid writing

 Reading and Writing including:

  • bronze star Spelling and punctuation
  • bronze star Sounding out and recognising words
  • bronze star Reading comprehension
  • bronze star Writing composition
  • bronze star Writing different text styles for school assignments

feeding -  refusal

Eating and Drinking including:

  • f4f4f4 star Gagging or vomiting on lumps
  • f4f4f4 star Coughing when drinking
  • f4f4f4 star Difficulty with biting and chewing
  • f4f4f4 star Picky Eating (eating a very narrow range of foods)
  • f4f4f4 star Adults with difficulty after a stroke or brain injury, or due to a degenerative disorder

ipad AAC

Non-Verbal Communication including:

  • bronze star Sign language
  • bronze star Picture-based communication
  • bronze star Using iPads or technology to communicate
  • bronze star Options for adults with a degenerative disorder affecting speaking
  • bronze star Assessment and training in non-verbal communication systems

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Speech Pathologists at Achieve Therapy are registered with Speech Pathology AustraliaThey actively participate in professional development, attending courses and conferences to keep up to date with the latest research and best practice.

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