Who We help 

Achieve Therapy has Speech Pathologists and Occupational Therapists to help our clients achieve their best talking, listening, eating and drinking, and independence.  We work with a range of ages where there are challenges in development or acquired difficulties, as can happen following brain injury or with some neurological conditions.  We can help with:

Achieve Toddlers

Toddlers who:

  • f4f4f4 star Are late to start talking
  • f4f4f4 star Have difficulty with eating or drinking (e.g., gagging on lumps, not self-feeding)
  • f4f4f4 star Have a stutter
  • f4f4f4 star Have difficulty interacting with others
  • f4f4f4 star Have difficulty with activities such as helping get dressed/undressed

Achieve Pre-schoolers

Pre-schoolers who:

  • bronze star Have difficulty talking (e.g., stutter, unclear speech) or listening;
  • bronze star Need help with school readiness 
  • bronze star Are having trouble with friendships or behaviour
  • bronze star Have difficulty developing independence in toileting, dressing, or washing
  • bronze star Are very picky with their food

Achieve School Aged Children

School-aged children who:

  • f4f4f4 star Struggle with reading and writing
  • f4f4f4 star Are falling behind at school
  • f4f4f4 star Have challenging behaviour or attention difficulties
  • f4f4f4 star Find it hard to make friends or are being bullied 
  • f4f4f4 star Are disorganised or need a lot of help with planning and problem-solving

Achieve Adults

Adults who:

  • bronze star Have difficulty with listening or speaking after a stroke
  • bronze star Have difficulty with swallowing caused by stroke, brain injury, or degenerative disorder
  • bronze star Have difficulty with daily activities (e.g., showering, getting up/down stairs)
  • bronze star Need support with communication due to degenerative disorder
  • bronze star Need support with social activities and community access due to dementia (e.g, alzheimers)

Achieve Disabilties

We help children with disabilities including Cerebral Palsy, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Downs Syndrome, and Fragile X achieve their potential in talking, fine motor skills, behaviour, sensory processing, or eating and drinking.  We help all children, no matter the challenges that they currently have.

Our friendly and experienced team is here to discuss your dreams for your child and how we can help. Just call us on (02) 8739 7591, or contact us by clicking on the button below.

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