We are effective!

When you invest your time, energy and finances into private therapy,  you want to be sure that you will get an effective service.  Achieve Therapy provides therapy which is:

bronze star Goal focused.  We work with you to identify your goals and each therapy session works towards achieving those goals.
bronze star Evidence-based.  We use approaches which are supported by research.  
bronze star Motivating for clients and family-members.

Achieve Therapy actively seeks learning opportunities for its staff and keeps up to date with the latest intervention methods and approaches.   Our Speech Pathologist can provide:

bronze star Attention/Listening Activities
bronze star Auditory Discrimination Activities
bronze star Colourful Semantics
bronze star Communication Passports
bronze star Core Vocabulary Approach
bronze star Cued Articulation
bronze star Dyspraxia drills
bronze star Early Intervention
bronze star Hanen - It Takes Two to Talk and More Than Words programmes
bronze star High Tech Voice Output Communication Aids (VOCA)
bronze star Ipad apps
bronze star Language Steps
bronze star Makaton
bronze star Narrative Therapy
bronze star Nuffield dyspraxia programme
bronze star Objects of reference and symbol systems
bronze star Phonological awareness
bronze star Phonological Therapy
bronze star Pre-teaching vocabulary (and other word-finding approaches)
bronze star PROMPT (Peripheral Restructuring of Motor Phoneme Targets)
bronze star Selective Mutism approaches
bronze star Semantic links
bronze star Signing systems
bronze star Social communication programmes; Talk About
bronze star Social Communication Strategies
bronze star Social Stories
bronze star Social Use of
bronze star Talk tools
bronze star Talking Mats
bronze star TEACHH
bronze star Total Communication Approach
bronze star Visual Communication strategies
bronze star Visual Supports
bronze star Vocabulary drilling
bronze star Word Finding Approaches