Occupational Therapy at Achieve

Occupational Therapy helps people to be successful in their occupations – the things they do every day.  Occupational Therapists (OTs) build skills and find ways for you or your family member to do the things that are important to you.  At Achieve Therapy, our OTs can offer assistance with the following:

Occupational Therapy school readiness

School Readiness/Success:

  • f4f4f4 star Fine motor skills required for colouring, drawing, cutting, handwriting legibility and speed, typing skills
  • f4f4f4 star Attention skills and behaviour support
  • f4f4f4 star Planning and organising skills
  • f4f4f4 star Gross motor for playing sport (e.g. ball skills, skipping, jumping)

Occupational Therapy being independent

Being Independent:

  • bronze star Getting dressed and undressed
  • bronze star Eating
  • bronze star Hygiene
  • bronze star Toileting

Occupational Therapy Making Friends

Making Friends:

  • f4f4f4 star Developing play skills
  • f4f4f4 star Building fine motor skills to participate in games with friends
  • f4f4f4 star Understanding how others feel
  • f4f4f4 star Hygiene and presentation skills
  • f4f4f4 star Understanding and sharing

Occupational Therapy Sensory Processing Skills

Sensory Processing Skills:

  • bronze star Coordination
  • bronze star Being sensitive to how things feel (e.g., not liking the feel of clothes, or dirt on hands)
  • bronze star Being over-sensitive to sound (e.g., screaming when the vacuum starts)
  • bronze star Being under or over-sensitive to movement (e.g, prefering to always jump or move around)
  • bronze star Fussy eating (over-sensitive to tastes or food textures)

Occupational Therapy Equipment and Home Modifications

Equipment and Home Modifications:

  • f4f4f4 star Achieve Therapy can help with minor equipment needs such as pencil grips, modified eating utensils, walking frames
  • f4f4f4 star Home modifications and more complex equipment needs (e.g., wheelchairs) are best accessed through an occupational therapy service that specialises in this area, and are currently not provided by Achieve Therapy.

Occupational Therapy certifications

Occupational Therapists working at Achieve Therapy are registered with AHPRA.  They actively participate in professional development, attending courses and conferences to keep up to date with the latest research and best practice.

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