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Information and Checklists

Getting help early is critical to your child’s success if they are experiencing difficulties or delays. But how do you know when your child is falling behind and in need of extra help?  Achieve Therapy is developing checklists which you can use to identify if your child is achieving their developmental milestones.  We are also creating free handouts to give more information about a range of difficulties and disorders that we help to improve.  Achieve Therapy believes that by providing clear information we create the recipe for successfully helping you achieve your best. Check this page regularly for new checklists.  If we do not have a checklist to meet your needs, please let us know and we we will get started on developing one! 

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Speech Pathology Checklists

Communication Checklist for Toddlers (1-5 years old) Communication Checklist for Primary School Age Students

Occupational Therapy

Developmental Checklist for Toddlers (1 – 5 years old) Developmental & Fine Motor Checklist for Primary School Students

Age Specific Checklists for Speech and Occupational Therapy

We are currently working on these and they will be posted here soon.

Additional Information

Below are handouts which can provide additional information to guardians, clients and carers.  If you have any further queries please feel free to call us on (02) 8739 7591 or email us.